At Spark Therapy Group we believe...

A child’s job is to play. Playing is the backbone of how a child learns.

Our therapy focuses on play-based approaches that integrate a child’s individual motivation to propel them into a state of accelerated learning.

Meet the Team

When experience and professional care really matters.

Reg. Occupational Therapist, Founder, MOT, BA

Rebecca Bjorklund MOT, BA
Reg. Occupational Therapist

Rebecca was born and raised on Vancouver Island and is currently living in Campbell River, BC. Rebecca believes that every child is a unique individual that needs to be nurtured to ignite their inner spark and achieve their full potential.

Her occupational therapy focuses on play-based approaches that integrate a child’s individual motivation to propel them into a state of accelerated learning.

Reg. Occupational Therapist, MOT, BSc

Laurie Painter MOT, BA
Reg. Occupational Therapist

Laurie has been practicing occupational therapy for three years, previously working with children and adolescents. Laurie is passionate about enabling others to live their best lives through holistic support and understanding how their sensory systems impact their interpretation of the world.

Through collaboration with children and families, she hopes to support clients by engaging in meaningful activities that spark joy and pursue goals.

Gerrit Dooris

Gerrit Dooris
Behaviour Intervention

Gerrit works with a variety of children with ASD, high behaviors, trauma, deaf-blindness and FASD. Gerrit has enjoyed seeing children reach their goals and continue to grow. He has experience with behavioral intervention and play based learning with children aged 4-6, as well as 2 years of working in an elementary school setting.

He enjoys working with small groups and 1 on 1 with a variety of children of different ages and stages.

Chantal Mayo
Chantal Mayo
Behaviour Intervention

Chantal recently moved to Campbell River from Ontario where she worked with a variety of children with ASD from 18 months to 8 years old.  She has experience providing behaviour intervention, engaging in play-based learning, and being part of a collaborative team.
She has supported children 1 on 1 and in group settings to facilitate learning and activities.
She enjoys discovering each child's unique learning style and motivators to individualize learning and help reach goals.
Petra Krobath

Petra Krobath M. Ed., BCBA
Behaviour Analyst

Petra was born and raised in Mission, B.C. and moved to Vancouver Island in 2019.

She has been providing behavioural consulting services as a BCBA for three years, and has supported children, youth, and families with autism, FASD, ADHD, ODD and others for nearly 10 years. Petra is passionate about collaborating with families and service providers to support and empower the children and youth in our community through behaviour consulting services.

Robyn De Groot

Robyn De Groot MOT, BA
Reg. Occupational Therapist

Robyn graduated with her Master’s of Occupational Therapy from the University of Alberta in 2015. She promptly moved to BC to get away from the cold has worked with adults with complex injuries and has 6 years of clinical experience in pediatrics working with kids from toddlers to late teens with a variety of diagnosis or difficulties including Anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, FASD, OCD, Depression, PTSD, attachment disorders, PDD, developmental delay or undiagnosed behaviour or emotional difficulties.

Robyn has additional training and professional development in sensory assessment and interventions, executive functioning and ADHD strategies and sensory based trauma interventions such as the Star Institute For Sensory Processing's Level one Intensive Mentorship Program, the Certified ADHD Professional Intensive Training Course, plus many more.

Maggie McGrath

Maggie McGrath | B.Ed
Behaviour Intervention

Maggie has grown-up all-over Vancouver Island, with most of her days spent in Campbell River. She has worked with kids that have diverse needs in day-cares, schools, and in homes. She is passionate about helping give every child the tools to communicate their needs, emotions, and interests. She is more than happy to get on the floor and run around to learn what those things may be. Maggie is currently expanding her knowledge at VIU. Her favorite things are walking, camping, and playing board games with her family.