What a Behavioural Consultant Does

We help children and youth in Campbell River, Courtenay and Northern Vancouver Island with behavioral problems and/or skill deficits to improve their quality of life. We help parents, caregivers and children with:

How we help your child

We use applied behaviour analysis. 

Applied behaviour analysis (ABA) is the science of behaviour, which applies evidence-based strategies to improve socially significant behaviours.

The Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) approach teaches social, motor, and verbal behaviours, as well as reasoning skills.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) can be used to understand challenging behaviour and then support the development of replacement skills to ensure the problem is ineffective.

Specialty Services

Positive Behavior Support Plans

A person-centred approach is the key to successfully bringing about an enduring change in behaviour.  By investing time and resources in observing behaviours and conducting interviews with relevant parties, positive behaviour support strategies can be implemented and incorporated into individually devised behaviour plans which can be adopted across numerous settings leading to a reduction in problem behaviours.

Early interventions and home-based intervention

It is essential that the teaching of both academic and life skills are not only fun and captivating, but are supported by the knowledge and skills of a Behaviour Consultant,  who is qualified and experienced in overcoming challenging behaviours.

Support can also be provided to address areas such as communication, eating, toileting and sleeping difficulties in all ages.

Emotional Regulation Skills System (ERSS)

Informed by the principles of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), this 12-week curriculum teaches the individual core emotional regulation and adaptive coping skills in a framework that promotes motivation and mastery for all learners, which helps clients apply what they have learned in daily life.

Promoting the Emergence of Advanced Knowledge (PEAK)

Peak is a curriculum that focuses on the development of executive thinking, language and

Picture Exchange Communication System

Is a means to teach individuals with Autism and related developmental disabilities a rapidly acquired, self-initiating, functional communication system.