What a speech language pathologist does

Speech language pathologists (SLP's) work with people with speech, language and communication challenges to help them meaningfully engage with others and participate in daily activities. SLP's assess and treat communication challenges, as well as feeding & swallowing difficulties.

Speech language pathology can help with:

  • Receptive language (e.g. understanding what others have said, following directions, answering questions)
  • Expressive language (e.g. learning words, building sentences, using grammar, telling stories)
  • Speech sounds (e.g. producing speech specific sounds, clarity of speech)
  • Social communication (e.g. interactions with others, understanding social language, greetings, having conversations)
  • Augmentative & Alternative Communication (e.g. high-tech or low-tech options to support functional communication)
  • Feeding and Swallowing (e.g. chewing, swallowing, oral-motor skills)
  • Voice (e.g. vocal loudness, voice quality, safe voice production)