Therapeutic Recreation

Our Therapeutic Recreation program utilizes leisure and recreation activities to help increase the quality of life of the participants.

A recreation programmer will work with families to discover the individual's recreation interests and support them while engaging in preferred activities that address their needs and help them achieve their goals. Therapeutic Recreation can help increase one’s motivation, self-esteem, and confidence, while also addressing specific needs such as social skills, physical health, and mental health.

What is Therapeutic Recreation?

Therapeutic Recreation focuses on engaging clients in recreation and leisure activities to help increase their overall well-being. At Spark, we believe that participating in recreation and leisure activities within the community plays a vital role in the development of kids and youth.

Benefits of Therapeutic Recreation include:

  • Increase in self-esteem and confidence
  • Increase in motivation
  • Provides natural opportunities to practice social skills
  • Helps with finding fun and exciting recreation activities
  • Reduces feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Provides opportunities for self-expression and creativity
  • Teaches appropriate ways to interact with others in the community